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How to do i use Fabric on my server manually?

Still stuck? Please create a Support Ticket or join our Discord and our team will be happy to help!

You can us this guide to manually change your server to use Fabric. You may want to use do this if our Sever Version changer is unavailable/giving you an error or if you want a specific version of Fabric and/or Fabric Mod-Loader that is not in the panel, since this will just grab the latest. 

Important: We always advise making a backup before any changes, you can do this via your Backups tab.

  1. Head to your Files tab and delete the file server.jar (If it is there, if not, you can ignore)

  1. Visit the Fabric website here -
  2. From the Dropdown menu, select what version of Fabric you want. For the 'Fabric Loader Version' & 'Installer Version' please leave this as default. Only change this if you have been told otherwise or you have mods that require a specific version. For this example, we will pick Fabric 1.19.2 as shown below.
  4.  Always pick the version that has the full version, for example, "1.19.1, 1.19.2, 1.19.3 etc" Avoid versions that have anything trailing after, such as "1.19.1-pre1, 1.19.2-pre2 etc as these are development builds are may negatively impact your experience drastically

  1. Download the file using the Blue Button.

  1. Once downloaded, Drag and drop the file to your control panels Files tab as shown below.

  1. Then, right click the file and rename it to server.jar as shown below.

  1. It should look something like this once done.

  1. Restart the server!

If you get stuck, or would rather our team do this for you please create a Support ticket or contact us via Discord and we will be more than happy to assist.

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