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How to add your own World to your Minecraft Server?

Still stuck? Please create a Support Ticket or join our Discord and our team will be happy to help!

First, make sure you have your world folder on your PC. The first step is to rename this folder to world as shown in the the screenshot below.

Then, zip this folder. On windows, you can do this by Right Clicking the folder as shown below, then clicking Send to then Compressed (Zipped) Folder

It should generate a zipped folder similar to below.

Then, head to your control panel. Ensure the server is stopped before proceeding. 

Then, visit the Files tab.

Then, delete the world folder as shown below. 

If you want to keep your old world, then instead of deleting this folder simply just rename it.

Then click the Upload button and select the Compressed Zip folder you created earlier. Then wait for it to upload, you will see the status on screen.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop it across as shown below. Then wait for it to upload, you will see the status on-screen.

Once Uploaded you will see the compressed zip folder in your files, Right click your compressed zip folder and then click Unarchive as shown below.

You should now see your world folder in your Files tab. 

That is it, you can simply start your server back up again and it will load your new uploaded world!

If you would prefer for our team to do this, please create a Support ticket with a download link to your world and we can happily do this for you.


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