PiglinHost December 2023 Freebies!

PiglinHost December 2023 Freebies!

  • Monday, 27th November, 2023
  • 19:47pm

Hey everyone!


Firstly thank you to everyone who uses PiglinHost! You all have excellent taste in Minecraft server hosts ????





Good question - we at PiglinHost 2-3 times a year give out a range of (very random) PiglinHost merchandise and goodies, completely free of charge. This is our way of saying thank you back for being part of this amazing community.

As an even bigger perk, we cover the cost of postage anywhere in the world for clients who have been with us for longer! (Details will be explained below) - we hope everyone understands that this is in place as an incentive to our existing clients.


What's available?

This is our BIGGEST freebie round yet with 7 freebies available to everyone, featuring our exclusive "star item" the PiglinHost squishy stress toy that I'm holding in the picture! This is partly the reason why the freebies were delayed so long as custom manufacturing these took a little longer than we anticipated!

We also have some embroidered PiglinHost keychains as pictured, inspired by the aircraft keychains you may have seen before. There are also some 3 in 1 charger (USB C , Micro USB & Lightning cable) as well as PiglinHost pop sockets up for grabs!

As always, we have the PiglinHost bottle opener metal keyrings too, and some new funky stickers! We have actually replaced the ones shown in the picture above with some newer, better-quality ones that are fully die-cut and waterproof, so you can stick them inside and/or outside! 


PiglinHost Embroided Cap & LED Thermos: We did leak these in the Discord server a few months ago (If you are not in our Discord server make sure to join! https://discord.gg/piglinhost) which prompted some early sales of these. If you are interested in these, we are happy to let them go at cost price to us ($8 for either the Embroided Cap or the LED Thermos!) - there is no extra shipping charge for the caps and it will be included in your freebies parcel. If there are any left after this week then we will give them out in a giveaway!)

Please contact us regarding the thermos as due to weight and size we may need to re-check/calculate the shipping.


Can I get freebies?

  • The merchandise is completely free for ALL clients of PiglinHost (Worldwide)
  • For clients that have been with us for a minimum of months on our Gold 4GB package or higher, postage is completely free anywhere worldwide.
  • For clients that have been with us for a minimum of 4 months on our 8GB package or higher, postage is completely free anywhere worldwide.
  • For clients that have been with us for a minimum of 3 months on our 10GB package or higher, postage is completely free anywhere worldwide.
  • For clients that have been with us for a minimum of months on our Gold 4GB package or higher, postage is completely free in the UK.
  • For all other clients, please see the table below. We have secured the best shipping rates possible.
  • Shipping costs will be invoiced to your billing account, once paid they will be sent.

Please note as it is December with the Christmas Rush and deadlines coming off worldwide if you are using Economy postage we are anticipating delays with this.

Country Price (GBP / USD / EURO) Time Upgrades
United Kingdom £3 |$4 |€4 2-3 working days, 2nd Class +£1 |$2 |€2 , Next working day, 1st Class
United States of America £8 |$9 |€9 15-80 working days, Economy +£2 |$3 |€3, 6-7 working days, Standard
Canada £8 |$9 |€9 15-80 working days, Economy +£2 |$3 |€3, 6-7 working days, Tracked
Ireland £7 |$8 |€8 6-7 working days, Standard N/A
Germany £6 |$7 |€7 3-5 working days, Standard  
Spain £6 |$7 |€7 3-5 working days, Standard  
Italy £6 |$7 |€7 3-5 working days, Standard  
France £6 |$7 |€7 3-5 working days, Standard  
Other Europe £6 |$7 |€7 3-5 working days, Standard  
Other Worldwide Confirmed via Ticket    


Get involved!

Not joined our Discord server yet? Make sure to join the community here - https://discord.gg/piglinhost

We would love to see the PiglinHost goodies around the world, if you have social media and are planning on posting when you do get your freebies please tag our Social Media handles and we will be sure to repost them all! We want to feature your posts on our new website where we will be showcasing a freebie section too :P 

Our handle is @PiglinHost on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook! Be sure to tag us, we want to see the Piglins everywhere around the world!


How do I claim!?

Make sure you have checked the terms above and are aware of any shipping costs you may need to cover if you are not eligible for free postage. before proceeding.

  1. First, make sure you are logged into your billing area here - https://billing.piglinhost.com/ 
  2. Ensure your billing address is up to date / correct as we will be sending your parcel to this address. You can check that here - https://billing.piglinhost.com/clientarea.php?action=details 
  3. Visit this link here to get to our freebies request form. Your name and email should already be populated. If you would like to ask any questions, would like to upgrade your shipping, or would like to purchase a PiglinHost cap / Thermos bottle please include this in the Message section. If not, please scroll down. You will find a set of questions relating to the freebies, please ensure to answer these.
  4. Click Submit once you are happy with the form. 

This will create a Support ticket in your billing area where you can track your status. If you ask any questions or request additional freebies we will reply to your ticket ASAP. Similarly, if we have any questions regarding your request we will reply to your ticket.

If you are eligible for free postage, we will reply to your ticket request once your item has been dispatched. If you are due postage, we will reply to your ticket with an invoice for this. Once paid, we will dispatch your freebies and reply to your ticket to confirm.


Once again, thank you to everyone who currently uses us! We are constantly working to improve our services and have new things coming!

Don't forget to join our Discord server as well at https://discord.gg/piglinhost - clients can get the Verified role which entitles them to 1-1 Discord Support too! You can also enable Discord notifications which enable our Bot to send you a DM for any emails from the billing area! (Tickets, Invoices, network issues, etc!) Find out more here https://piglin.host/verified